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Hello Dr,
 You certainly have more expertise than me and found a sense of common terms used. Apologies if my contribution has inconsistencies. Could you correct this inconsistency with intelligible formulations. I may be naive but I just expressed a concern.
 The transition from IANA should not be regarded as an exclusive problem to be discussed in a closed vessel.
 ECOWAS (http://www.ecowas.int/index5.php?lang=fr), ECCAS (http://www.ceeac-eccas.org/index.php/fr/?option=com_content&view=article&id= 2 & Itemid = 2), COMESA (http://www.comesa.int/), SADC (http://www.sadc.int/) are regional organizations in which almost all african countries are found as members according to their geographical area.
 The debate on the transition from IANA concerned states and actors in those states that are incurred. Most of these states are members of the GAC or may become.
 The involvement of regional organizations is a proposed community actors in the DRC during the plenary ICANN 51 given the delicacy of the subject in relation to the future management of the IANA.
 Your question leaves me perpelxe when we cry every day multiple stakeholder approach. B 
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     Le Jeudi 6 novembre 2014 10h25, Dr Eberhard Lisse <el at lisse.NA> a écrit :

 When I read

African players
African reality
africa debate
illuminate the shadows
multistakeholders approach
situation of insecurity

I thought of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzzword_bingo

but then I have no idea what ECOWAS, ECCAS, COMESA and/or SADC might
have to do with the IANA transition.

greetings, el

On 2014-11-06 11:04, Baudouin Schombe wrote:
> Janvier actually, I fully share your view.  We have the daily
> burden as recurrent and with the situation of insecurity.  AfriNIC
> I think can help us to identify 2 or 3 resources person in the
> field to lead the africa debate level and possibly illuminate the
> shadows.  In this context, knowing the African reality, I proposed
> at the ICANN 51 plenary in Los Angeles that this debate be opened
> further involving ECOWAS, ECCAS, COMESA and SADC for all African
> players participate in this debate in respect of multistakeholders
> approach.  This is an extremely important debate and we need
> africa gives his opinion on it.  Again, Janvier, thank you for
> your contribution.
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