[AfrICANN-discuss] "Vint Cerf on ICANN and NTIA"

Dr Yassin Mshana ymshana2003 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 19:41:15 SAST 2014

>+1 Kivuva et al
Prof Nii has spoken at global level thats good. Better still we have our
homework as rightly said so...

There was a statement that Francophone part of Africa have some limitations
in interacting with authorities....there is no shortcut for that..please
keep knocking at the doors since it is beautiful to see Africa moving ahead
as One Frontline!

We have a vibrant and powerful youth coming on board...what foundation or
framework do we give for them a legacy that some of us have done our bit?
"No credible internal  political support?" NO please!

East Africans have done a significant work on this....seeing Leaders on
Tweeter, FB and transanctions online etc is a big step to show how deep the
relations have gone...they trust  applications available:-) There is a
belief that Internet Governance is not a problem when it comes to making
the economy vibrant...

Please please..let us look inwards first to see what we can offer in return
to becoming global beggars for handouts....I m for sorry a bit of strong
language but we have to swallow the bitter pill..

Eid Mubarak:-)

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