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Greetings and happy Eid to thise who celebrate.

Victor et al...

It is true a lot has been going on and moving forward fast considering the situation. That is why I suggest to call this discussion "Africa and ICANN".

It is on us Africans in  self reliant approach. A discussion with Fahd in Jordan led to the need to put more effort at national level and structures to have ICT policies that would promote what is being done at global level. 

Why so? There can a lot of information to tap in yes....but....you will agree that it is not enough. Ignorance of ICANN and its global processes will not just go away without working on promoting it at lower levels... 
The need to support each other within Africa for each country to have credible ICT policies is still there. Few nations have crafted and adopted theirs and business is going on well. 

I think ISOCs are the best organs to introduced and push for this in respective countries while other activities are going on. Current limitations should not hinder that intent and handouts from ICANN should not be the only means to do with...not eniugh and is unsustainable choice.

Let us think wider away from technical issue on how to work with our leaderships in respective countries (where it is possible).



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