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Cheers.. It was the last shot before I close talking shop....

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> Hello there.
> I am glad to read about this positive way of 'thinking' for a change
> whereby we in Africa seek solution to our problems by us and those caused
> for us by externalities due to our unconditional or unknowingly ecceptance
> of whatever was offered to us which is now a problem ie. the Culture of
> thinking that best solutions should come from outside Africa.
> Well said ....now, "where do we start?" First is the MDG Target relevant
> to the ICT Sector if there is one...will it solve was our problem?
> "Communication"
> We spend alot of time travelling to attend endless gathering talking about
> same issues for Decades now - no change - what changes is the people who
> get up and speak about the same issues or vent out solutions based on
> foreign contexts. It has become a profession to Attend meetings instead of
> utilizing resources to provide solutions that work for us.
> It is pleasing to see what Rwanda is doing...well done Rwanda:-):-)
> Let us all try to copy by 1st increasing literacy level while struggling
> to keep alive and free..
> Tz did something remarkable in the past by investing in Education thats
> why it is the hub of peace despite being classified to be relatively
> poor...it is a very rich country if Peace and Harmony could be converted
> into any Currency!
> Let me stop talking and go do something positive...
> Cheers.
> Yassin
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