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> Hello there.
> I am glad to read about this positive way of 'thinking' for a change whereby we in Africa seek solution to our problems by us and those caused for us by externalities due to our unconditional or unknowingly ecceptance of whatever was offered to us which is now a problem ie. the Culture of thinking that best solutions should come from outside Africa. 
> Well said ....now, "where do we start?" First is the MDG Target relevant to the ICT Sector if there is one...will it solve was our problem? "Communication" 
> We spend alot of time travelling to attend endless gathering talking about same issues for Decades now - no change - what changes is the people who get up and speak about the same issues or vent out solutions based on foreign contexts. It has become a profession to Attend meetings instead of utilizing resources to provide solutions that work for us. 
> It is pleasing to see what Rwanda is doing...well done Rwanda:-):-)
> Let us all try to copy by 1st increasing literacy level while struggling to keep alive and free..
> Tz did something remarkable in the past by investing in Education thats why it is the hub of peace despite being classified to be relatively poor...it is a very rich country if Peace and Harmony could be converted into any Currency!
> Let me stop talking and go do something positive...
> Cheers.
> Yassin
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