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Thanks Jean for the complementary and also for the summed up update.

I also join other in wishing us all a prosperous new year ahead!


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>      Happy and Secure Holidays to you and your family on behalf of
> AfricaCERT Stakeholders, Executive Committee, and Project Team.
>     We had a year full of events. On December 2012, AfricaCERT signed an
> MOU with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency
> Response Team (OIC-CERT). In January 2013, JPCERT sponsored the
> application to join FIRST as liaison member and in February 2013,
> AfricaCERT
> joined FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Team) as liaison.
> In June 2013, AfricaCERT participated at FIRST Annual Meeting in Bangkok
> and had a very positive meeting in Lusaka, Zambia at the African
> Internet Summit. AfricaCERT also participated at the second AIGF in
> Nairobi, Kenya in September 2013.
>     In November 2013, FIRST, in partnership with TERENA and AfricaCERT,
> organized a TRANSITS training course ; JPCERT conducted APDAY on Advanced
> Network Monitoring and Traffic
> Analysis  with KrCERT in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. AfricaCERT was also
> honoured by the participation of EGCERT, the support of ANSSI France,
> few Law Enforcement Agencies in Africa.
>     None of these would not have been possible without the support of
> Partners, friends, the leadership of our elders; network of contacts
> responding to our
> requests and last but not the least the AfricaCERT Project Team.
>     Thank you sincerely for all your efforts and the continued support.
>     Next year has its own challenges . While AfricaCERT will strengthen
> its operations, extending the network of friends, and partners is a key
> challenge.
> Discussion have started with leading organizations and professionals in
> the cybersecurity field on identifying areas of collaboration.
> The awareness creation and capacity building operations with additional
> trainings, workshops and a special attention towards end users are on
> the agenda.
> AfricaCERT will also strengthen its relationship with the law enforcement
> community, organizations like Interpol etc.
> Looking forward to 2014, AfricaCERT thanks your support and wishes you
> Happy and Secure Holidays.
> Best Regards.
> Jean Robert
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