[AfrICANN-discuss] happy and secure holidays on behalf of AfricaCERT

Jean Robert Hountomey - AfricaCERT hrobert at africacert.org
Tue Dec 24 18:12:37 SAST 2013

     Happy and Secure Holidays to you and your family on behalf of 
AfricaCERT Stakeholders, Executive Committee, and Project Team.

     We had a year full of events. On December 2012, AfricaCERT signed 
an MOU with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation -- Computer Emergency
Response Team (OIC-CERT). In January 2013, JPCERT sponsored the 
application to join FIRST as liaison member and in February 2013, 
joined FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Team)as liaison.
In June 2013, AfricaCERT participated at FIRST Annual Meeting in Bangkok 
and had a very positive meeting in Lusaka, Zambia at the African
Internet Summit. AfricaCERT also participated at the second AIGF in 
Nairobi, Kenya in September 2013.

     In November 2013, FIRST, in partnership with TERENA and AfricaCERT, 
organized a TRANSITS training course ; JPCERT conducted APDAY on 
Advanced Network Monitoring and Traffic
Analysis  with KrCERT in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. AfricaCERT was also 
honoured by the participation of EGCERT, the support of ANSI France, 
few Law Enforcement Agencies in Africa.

     None of these would not have been possible without the support of  
Partners, friends, the leadership of our elders; network of contacts 
responding to our
requests and last but not the least the AfricaCERT Project Team.

     Thank you sincerely for all your efforts and the continued support.

     Next year has its own challenges . While AfricaCERT will strengthen 
its operations, extending the network of friends, and partners is a key 
Discussion have started with leading organizations and professionals in 
the cybersecurity field on identifying areas of collaboration.
The awareness creation and capacity building operations with additional 
trainings, workshops and a special attention towards end users are on
the agenda.

AfricaCERT will also strengthen its relationship with the law 
enforcement community, organizations like Interpol etc.

Looking forward to 2014, AfricaCERT thanks your support and wishes you 
Happy and Secure Holidays.

Best Regards.

Jean Robert
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