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At the Nordunet 2012 conference in September, a presentation included the assertion that "more than 80% of domains could use DNSSEC if they so chose." This is an interesting claim that speaks to a very rapid rise in the deployment of DNSSEC in recent years, and it raises many questions about the overall status of DNSSEC deployment in today's Internet. While the effort to secure the operation of the DNS dates back for more than 10 years (See earlier articles on DNSSEC in August, September and October2006, and an update in June 2010), the recent impetus for DNSSEC adoption came from the acknowledgement of vulnerabilities in the DNS with the widespread publication of a viable form of attack on DNS resolvers (the "Kaminsky DNS attack", reported in 2008), and DNSSEC-signed DNS root zone, which commenced on 15 July 2010. The question now is: how is all this playing out in the world of the DNS? How many DNS zones are DNSSEC-signed? To what extent are Internet user's able to trust in the integrity of DNS name resolution? How many Internet users use DNS resolvers that perform DNSSEC validation?
There are certainly a number of very positive individual stories about the extent of DNSSEC adoption. In a recent announcement the operator of the Netherlands ccTLD reported more than 1 million DNSSEC-signed domain name delegations, which is reported to make .nl the TLD with the most signed delegations. On a more general level we are aware at in September 2012 some 64 country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are DNSSEC-signed, as are many of the generic TLDS (gTLDs) including .com, .net and .org.
But are there some more general questions about the adoption of DNSSEC that we could answer by various forms of direct measurement across the entirety of the Internet? Perhaps if we could undertake a measurement exercise that could answer some, or even all, of the following questions, then we'd have a better idea as to the extent to which DNSSEC is available and being used in today's Internet:

How many zones are DNSSEC signed?
How many DNS queries are DNSSEC-validated?
How many DNS resolvers are DNSSEC-capable?
How many users are using DNSSEC-aware DNS resolvers?

Of course answering these questions is not necessarily easy. Lets look at each of these questions and see if it is feasible to undertake a measurement exercise that could provide an answer.

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