[AfrICANN-discuss] Management of African ccTLDs: Panne du .td?

Adamou Nacer adamou.nacer at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 22:14:48 SAST 2012

Le 18/09/2012 20:05, Mark Elkins a écrit :
> I e-mailed Kim Davies - who looks after such things. He replied after
> about 15 minutes. (ie - he is reachable and responds quickly).
> I quote from Kim (the answer to my question above):
>      It is not real-time, but the processing is more or less
>      "straight through" if a change request is submitted, passes
>      all of the technical checks, and is consented to by the
>      contacts for the TLD.
Thank you for sharing this information with me. The administrative and 
technical contacts for the .td TLD are not working with SOTEL any more. 
One of them is still reacheable, but he is a politician now, not easy to 
reach him. But we will try that too.
>  From this, I read that a change should not take days.
> So are the appropriate people from Chad going to attend AfriNIC-17 in
> Sudan (late November) where various training courses and quality
> presentations are freely available along with access to a bunch of
> bright people. Its not AfTLD, but many people there wear multiple hats.
I will suggest that to authorities here so that they select and send 
some people in Sudan (which is very close). Perhaps I will be there too.


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