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Vika Mpisane vika at zadna.org.za
Mon Sep 10 10:29:52 SAST 2012

Eddy, great congratulations! I know this has been a sometimes painful
journey & it helped that you & Ricta were never prepared to fail! I look
forward to .rw joining AfTLD & the ICANN ccNSO!


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On 2012/09/10 2:01 AM, "Dr Paulos Nyirenda" <paulos at sdnp.org.mw> wrote:

>Congratulations, it is our hope that the Rwanda .rw ccTLD can now move
>forward, now that 
>it has been brought home to Rwanda and to the AFTLD region.
>Dr Paulos B Nyirenda
>NIC.MW & .mw ccTLD
>AFTLD President
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>Subject:	[fellowships-alumni] Appreciation
>From:	Eddy Kayihura <ekayihura at gmail.com>
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>Dear All,
>Last Friday, the ICANN re-delegated the .rw ccTLD to Rwanda ICT
>Association. (Ricta)
>The domain was previously managed from outside Rwanda since 1996
>It has been a very long journey and the fellowship program ( especially
>the Dakar 
>meeting) has been key in the redelegation success.
>It was my first ICANN meeting and Mama J.'s encouragement to speak up and
>contribute have 
>paid as one of the person who helped us a lot, was met due to some
>questions that i asked
>in one of the session.
>We, at Ricta, expect this change to contribute much to the development of
>the local 
>Thanks again to Mama and i thought of sharing one more success story that
>tremendously from the fellowship program.
>Technical Advisor
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