[AfrICANN-discuss] A brief update on the ASWG

Nii Narku Quaynor quaynor at ghana.com
Mon Sep 10 01:31:08 SAST 2012


Thanks Adiel.

Let me please remind everyone that the list is open globally and we are inadvertently communicating that our favorite new gTLD application is more important to us than a strategy that would benefit Africa ;-)

I am rather disappointed at this list where instead of discussing the content of questionnaires that it's members submitted to the strategy group we are engrossed in

- factional debate in the community along lines of new gTLD submissions and not by constituencies 
- engaged in bickering on who has attended ICANN lately or not forgetting physical meetings are not a requirement to participation in ICANN
- personal emotional expressions, attacks and so forth
- questioning why is my favorite person not among a group of volunteers
- asking sarcastically why is AUC or company XYZ not involved

I have not heard folks comment on validating the questionnaire submissions or asking new questions we need to answer if to derive a workable strategy. Just as the guide book I think we have NOT read the summary document of what was in the questionnaire responses that people from this list submitted yet we are busy fighting

Note that ICANN belongs to all of us globally and Africa has a chance to articulate a strategy. If we fail to put a strategy on the table promptly others will put one there for us whether we like it or not. No one would care which new gTLD fan club we belong to

There is more to ICANN than new gTLD and there is life after new gTLD. Furthermore an Africa strategy would be much more than new gTLD and does not replace the ICANN evaluation process so what's the nervousness 

I have been in ICANN much longer than most on this list and I am shocked at the lack of service to community 

The good thing though is we are only looking for rough consensus so even as we shout at each other experience can tell the numbers in favor of ideas. The list archives tells it all

That said there will be an Africa  strategy thus if you have good ideas you have the opportunity to give your input. Those complaining should smell the coffee and become constructive and substantive 

I look forward to reading your comments when the website goes public

Nii (speaking for myself as first African in ICANN)

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