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Thanks for your input.
Regarding the webinar, I am ready. Count me amongst the participants.

Best Regards.

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>Dear all,
>First of all I think the discussion is getting real and start touching 
>on some fundamental questions that we need to address in our region and 
>which are the bottom-line for what we all seems to be looking for: 
>Internet (and maybe more generally ICT) development in Africa for a 
>sustainable socio-economical impact. 
>In the mean time I have spot on an important issue raised several time 
>in recent posts, which I would like us to get specific about and try 
>to, in one hand understand the issue and in other hand look at way to 
>address them efficiently. It is about IP address **regulation**.
>On 2012-10-31, at 09:48 AM, Pierre Lotis NANKEP <lnankep at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>I also heard that we should regulate IP numbers and domain names at 
>national level. Well and good but how could this be done when IPs are 
>administered globally(iana/nro) and regionally through afrinic?
>>>Please let us organise a Webinar on this topic... So some will 
>>>have the opportunity to make some présentation in details.
>Just before going further on this, AfriNIC has initiated a Government 
>Working Group open to Government Reps and Regulators with the goal to 
>proactively create a framework for discussion and dialogue at that level 
>on IP address and related issues. The working groups also have a mailing 
>list afgwg-discuss at afrinic.net and several countries have already 
>appointed liaison to that working group (http://meeting.afrinic.net/afgwg). 
>You can also use that forum to have this discussion with a wider Africa 
>regulators/governments audience.
>Coming back to the point, Pierre N. and others on the list who have 
>expressed concern in that area, can you be a bit more specify? Pierre has  
>mentioned WHOIS services and data accuracy that need to be regulated. 
>Putting aside the scary word "regulation" here, I will agree that WHOIS 
>related issues are important to look at in our region. So in order to 
>move the discussion forward, what are the "regulation" measures that you 
>think government should take to solve the problem of accuracy? What are 
>regulators doing right now to encourage Network Operator in their 
>respective jurisdiction to properly register and update their IP addresses 
>usage in the public WHOIS database already provided by AFRINIC? Can that 
>already be a starting point? 
>In April this year we have received a Policy proposal "AfriNIC Whois 
>Database Clean-up" AFPUB-2012-GEN-001-DRAFT-01 (still under discussion)
>which, if approved by the community, will trigger a process to cleanup 
>our IP address WHOIS database. That proposal in fact reinforced the fact 
>that the issue of WHOIS data accuracy is also of concern for operators 
>as well. How are regulators contributing to the debate and the elaboration 
>of such a policy? How can this be efficiently translated into the local 
>framework without creating unnecessary additional layer of bureaucracy 
>and/or complexity? Simply put, what is your take on the policy proposal? 
>I would encourage you and anyone interested to contribute to the 
>discussion that is happening on that specific policy for instance by 
>joining AFRINC RPD mailing list at rpd at afrinic.net]. More about our 
>open Policy development Process can be found at: 
>Finally I would like to take on your suggestion to have a webminar session 
>on the topic. AFRINIC will be happy to provide the logistic for it. But in 
>order to plan it well, we will need to know how many people are interested 
>Thank you.
>- a.
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