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Regulation cuts both ways.  Here in Namibia we once had lots and lots
of regulations, many of them with noble preambles about development,
etc. Yet, those many of those same regulations were used to deny the
majority of Namibians opportunities. This was of course back in our
colonial past before 1990.

Just because the Internet is relatively new, does not mean that it
needs a whole new set of regulations and laws. As Calvin notes,
existing legal and regulatory frameworks probably cover most of the
issues that might be raised.

>From my perspective over the last 30 years of research and development
work, there is a major need to ensure access to the Internet to as
many people as possible. Get this important development tool into
their hands so they can then use it to better their own lives. This
might require some legislative changes in some countries.


PS. Most of Africa is savannah

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 9:29 AM, Calvin Browne
<calvin at orange-tree.alt.za> wrote:
> On 30/10/2012 23:01, Y Mshana2003 wrote:
> Hi Ben et al
> Its time to look at things in a different way. How can things go on without
> some Regulations? How will the vulnerable be promotes and protected? No room
> for Law of the jungle I m afraid. Unless one does not care since one feels
> hypothetically OK.
> With all due respect. Yassin
> With the greatest of respect Dr Mshana,
> Society has managed to develop common law, but lets leave that aside for
> now.
> But I'm still curious - what regulation helped the Internet develop?
> What vulnerables need to be protected that are not protected by existing
> laws?
> What issues does the Internet raise that existing laws, treaties and
> procedures do not cover?
> regards
> --Calvin
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