[AfrICANN-discuss] Who controls the internet?

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri Oct 19 16:39:02 SAST 2012

Hi Mark,
At 03:57 19-10-2012, Mark Elkins wrote:
>Ah.. but you don't see the AnyCast Nameservers - there are something
>like 43 of these around the world (3 in Africa) - we use

I didn't mention it as I was commenting about local access.

>Nothing wrong with local nameservers - I'd assume that that is where
>most queries would come from.

The "closer" nameservers are used once the RTT statistics "points" to 
them.  Sometimes, the client ends up selecting the a server which is 
further away because of routing oddities.  As an unrelated comment 
the following nameservers might be queried when I send this message:

  sns-pb.isc.org        6 ms
  ns1.coza.net.za     165 ms
  secdns1.posix.co.za 322 ms


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