[AfrICANN-discuss] Who controls the internet?

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri Oct 19 01:20:09 SAST 2012

Hi Kivuva,
At 14:36 18-10-2012, Kivuva wrote:
>SM, its obvious we need to pull up our socks, although those
>statistics are a bit biased. I know for a fact that there are more


>gTLDs registered by Africans for Africa than there are ccTLD. If
>current and future generations start registering domaisn from their
>respective country registries, we will see a shift from those
>statistics. The same with addressability, most of Africa's content is
>hosted abroad for reasons that have been discussed in other threads.

Most of these country registries charge more than gTLDs.  That 
doesn't encourage people to register such domains.  Addressability is 
less about than content.  I would use it as a way to assess network 
size and, indirectly, connectivity.

>Maybe it's time we started consuming our own dog food. In Germany for
>example, there ccTLD is the second largest in the world after .com.

The are currently over 15 million domains registered under 
.de.  DENIC runs its business as a not-for-profit company, for the 
use and benefit of the whole German Internet Community.  Last year it 
earned around EUR 14,145,000.  It costs less than USD 10 to register 
a .de domain.


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