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Thank you for this notification.

May we know about what is on the Agenda so that we know what to contribute to please? There have been manu discussions back home....which are those going to be discussed with who at that meeting? I m sure AUC has all in place and would like to be informed and agree with what is going to be discussed beyond what we have already done?

Is there a Secretariat to communicate through please?

Kind regards


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alice at apc.org wrote:

Dear all,

AUC has asked us to share this schedule of meetings

Sunday 18.30 GAC room, imediartk after the GAC meeting
1. Africa's representation on the high level meeting on Monday
2.Africa ICANN strategy consultative / coordination meetings

Friday Time: 9 AM – 10 AM Room: Queens Quay 2 wrap up

Moctar will communicate other meetings.


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