[AfrICANN-discuss] Re: It's like that in life, there are always bad players and bad losers!

Mike Silber silber.mike at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 00:31:27 SAST 2012

Ms Ma

I am not the sort of person who threatens defamation actions for the 
ludicrous. Trying to bait me into a conflict situation on a mailing list 
will not work any more than making false and factually incorrect 
allegations. Call me names, make baseless allegations, use innuendo, lie 
.... I don't care. There are people on this list who know me and my 

If there is anyone who does not know me or who has any doubts - I will 
be happy to engage with you directly.

I also think that the trust of this community is far more important than 
some small financial victory in a court of law.


On 14/10/2012 00:14, Lerato wrote:
> " ICANN General Counsel and Board Governance Committee's Conflict 
> review, having been appraised of all the facts and details of the 
> various arms-length relationships many months before this allegation "
> You are trying to defend yourself by saying that a review was done 
> many months before which would be your Statement of Interest that was 
> declared in March 2012.  The point is that you have not told us if 
> there has been any Conflict Review following ICANN's receipt of DCA's 
> letters, and if there was the outcome of any such review.  So please, 
> the issues raised is after the fact.
> If you think that the allegations are false, why are you not 
> threatening to sue DCA for defamation?, against the backdrop that you 
> are legally trained. The fact that you are not umbraged, and 
> threatening to sue DCA shows that you are not quite confident nor 
> comfortable with the position you find yourself in regarding the 
> Conflict of Interest matter.
> I think you must simply take the honourable path like the other 
> conflicted Board Members, and fully adhere to ICANN's Gold standard to 
> be achieved regarding Conflict of Interest matters, and this will be 
> the end of the matter.
> --Lerato Ma

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