[AfrICANN-discuss] It’s like that in life, there are always bad players and bad losers!

attoumani karim attoukarim at yahoo.fr
Fri Oct 12 08:45:37 SAST 2012

Colleagues, I react on these two articles:


If we refer to strings submited to this first round, we can note a demand for the string africa (applicant id 1-1243-89583) and another one dotafrica (1-1165-42560). I wonder why write these kinds of articles would hear in a conflict between two entities for africa string that does not exist. I agree that we must avoid conflicts of interest, but for the .Africa, this conflict should not exist. There are many cases that can be used to illustrate the conflict of interest within ICANN and not the .Africa (to differentiate from .DotAfrica)
I’m sure people who have applied for the DotAfrica (as string) knew they had lost in advance the africa!

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