[AfrICANN-discuss] A technical issue with the AfriNIC survey?

Adamou Nacer adamou.nacer at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 15:11:40 SAST 2012

Hi SM,
will this be different with many IPv4 addresses? I don't really 
understand the link between the two. This issue is about the port 
number,  not the IP address I think.

Le 11/10/2012 13:31, SM a écrit :
> Hi Adamou,
> At 05:03 11-10-2012, Adamou Nacer wrote:
>> picture). In my humble point of view, this choice could make some 
>> people being unable to contribute because they are using a network 
>> with strict rules that doesn't allow outgoing traffic on port 8080.
> Yes.
> Maybe the company only has one IPv4 address.
> Regards,
> -sm

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