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I think CCTV is reporting Africa as it is ....without fear or favour - just business. Reporting Good News is what Africa should see and needs. We are not poor....we just need to Change from the Governance and Economic Policy Structures to make them suitable for 21Century.

Africa has more than 50% of workd arable land but still import food...why??

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> Imagine if every person in Africa saw www.africafornorway.no and this was the only information they ever got about Norway. What would they think about Norway?

If only we can all seriously read http://www.africafornorway.no/why and meditate about it.


• Fundraising should not be based on exploiting stereotypes.
Most of us just get tired if all we see is sad pictures of what is happening in the world, instead of real changes.

• We want better information about what is going on in the world, in schools, in TV and media.
We want to see more nuances. We want to know about positive developments in Africa and developing countries, not only about crises, poverty and AIDS. We need more attention on how western countries have a negative impact on developing countries.

• Media: Show respect.
Media should become more ethical in their reporting. Would you print a photo of a starving white baby without permission? The same rules must apply when journalists are covering the rest of the world as it does when they are in their home country.

• Aid must be based on real needs, not “good” intentions.
Aid is just one part of a bigger picture; we must have cooperation and investments, and change other structures that hold back development in poorer countries. Aid is not the only answer.

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