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Tue Feb 28 12:22:37 SAST 2012

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This is called a masterful job. Congratulations ICANN

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2012/2/27 Glen de Saint Géry <Glen at icann.org>

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> Sent on behalf of Scott Pinzon
> The redesign of ICANN.ORG <*http://ICANN.ORG*>  just went live today, 27
> February.
> The new information architecture arranges the resources that ICANN.ORGoffers in a more logical style. More than 38,000 pages and files were
> carefully examined and migrated into the best locations, following
> extensive consultation with the ICANN community:****
>    1. Nearly 300 responses to the site survey conducted by The Revere
>    Group ****
>    2. More than two dozen in-depth interviews with SO and AC members ****
>    3. A series of live briefings (with Q&A) across two ICANN public
>    meetings ****
>    4. At least three briefings to Board Directors (via the Public
>    Participation Committee) ****
>    5. Two public webinars requesting input and concerns****
> Some of the new features on the site include:****
>    - All visitors can now move directly from ICANN’s home page to your SO
>    or AC site in one click . ****
>    - The latest Board activity and the most recent topics open for Public
>    Comment now show on the home page. ****
>    - The new Planet ICANN feed mixes almost every RSS and Twitter feed
>    from ICANN in one ever-updating resource, providing a handy tool for
>    monitoring ICANN developments broadly. ****
>    - The new Stay Connected bar provides site visitors with easier social
>    media integration to ICANN than we’ve had before. ****
>    - Across HTML portions of the site (thus, not in PDFs), you can now
>    hover your cursor over that puzzling acronym, and what it stands for will
>    pop up, spelled out, as a “tool tip.” ****
>    - For the first time, ICANN’s site can auto-detect when it is accessed
>    via a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone, and present a view
>    speciically tailored for the visitor’s type of device. ****
>    - On the home page’s multi-lingual bar, you can click your chosen
>    language to immediately see an aggregation of all materials available in
>    that language. The most recent documents top the list.****
> Note that the changes affect, quite literally, ICANN.ORG, and not other
> ICANN sites such as gnso.icann.org, alac.icann.org, the wiki sites, and
> so on.
> If you’d like to provide feedback or ask questions about the new look and
> feel, please feel free to email communications at icann.org
> Thanks also for your patience and support during the careful process that
> has brought us to this milestone. We’re far from done, but I hope you'll
> see the newly redesigned site as a significant improvement in making
> ICANN’s work more understandable and inclusive.
> Best Regards,
> Scott Pinzon
> Director of Marketing and Outreach
> ICANN****
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