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I though veterans share their knowledge but it will be relevant for them to cease insulting other Africans in international organisations.
I do not think that tackling Sophia, Inné or Ntoko is relevang... if it is a young man who did so we could said that he is ignorant... but old men ? Why ? Are they bitter or jealous of the careers of these children in Africa.
It seems that some are nostalgic for the time when their dog is more important than a human being.
Therefore in Africa a wise old man advice rather than insulting.

I'm not afraid to say who I am and give my point of view. It is not Cameroon that mandate or include me here in this list.
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Eh eh? This is going too far a field for me to comprehend. Is it to Protect or Promote something we ought to know?.. Can we focus on valuability of issues please?

My next post will on the Defence and Promotion of .africa away from it being a prey for "early birds" like what is happening to some ccTLDs in Africa and elsewhere where sovereign States had to wrestle for their ccTLDs from individuals some of them are vocally distancing Governments from establishing ICT Policies that would affect the lucrative management of ccTLDs. 
I m compelled to share this information with this List since I find it of valuable importance. If  I do not do that now I will be failing in what I deem important.
Good thing is that 'veterans' in this area of work know about what  I am about to share. That is also why some object a call to know who is in this List;

New Year wishes in advance


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Dr Eberhard W Lisse <el at lisse.na> wrote:


I think it's the Odontol, taking away what little ability he
is desirous of.


On 2012-12-28 20:46 , Nii Narku Quaynor wrote:
> On Dec 28, 2012, at 11:06, bouba <djamaab at yahoo.fr
> <mailto:djamaab at yahoo.fr>> wrote:
> Bouba,
> Are you making these comments as yourself or on behalf of
> director of normalization and cooperation, antic.cm as the
> trailer says?
>> voting proposed by Pierre N. is going on ...  the
>> expected vote namibia ...
>> The other Doctor(Nii), who enjoys giving good or bad
>> points like in classroom, before doing it show good
>> example fist.
> I already told Pierre N and this list it was not a good
> example?  The important thing being honest real people no
> false identities on list.  Ethics
>> Are you representing the whole GHANA ?  why taking
>> GHANA.COM <http://GHANA.COM> instead ofGHANA.GH?
> What gTLD names did you find ?  What business plan did you
> have or you make one for me?
>> This is not the property of Ghana Government?
> Property?  do you want to buy the name?
>> In this site (ghana.com <http://ghana.com>) you put
>> photographs of babies, did they or their their parents
>> had authorized you to do so?
> You like ghana.com <http://ghana.com>.  No babies.  Did
> you put them?
>> At the time of the esclabage had slaves inside and those
>> outside ...  and those inside are sicker than their
>> masters if they are sick.
> Here we go....insulting without provocation; do you also
> recommend false IDs for the leaders
>> I have an advice for our veteran, please take your
>> retirement if you love Africa.  If we need you, we will
>> contact you.
> How does asking when one knew of false identity scam
> become an issue of the youth vs the old?  There are young
> people equally disgusted with false identity coming from
> DCA and lying about it
> I am not going on retirement but you are immature.
> Perhaps too eager to grow old which reminds me of this
> story
> A young man told a story that at a village the young broke
> away and formed own village and elders, chiefs.  Young as
> they were the chief wore leather jacket.  Someday the
> leather shrank and became big problem for chief, village
> One of the young men after several days asked that they
> put plenty water over chief and remove jacket.  It worked
> and when asked how he knew he said he went and asked the
> old men at the old village.  The two villages came
> together and flourished (courtesy Marcus)
>> Peace.
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