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Dr. Lisse, it is certain now that your contributions show that you are on this list to distract and to spyafricans. This is to avoid us to have a vision.
You still need to understand that we are not at the time of slaveryor colonization or at the time of apartheid.

You bored us with Ms. Bekele, if she is doing bussiness in the USA and lies or fault there, how this concerns us here in Africa? You show that you have no argument against her ideas or her projects so you insult as you insulted Ms Inné or Ntoko.

You and your band of sixties (so-called ICT experts but in  reality gynecologists who come to give us lessons here concerning our domain) ... please leave us ... STOP SPYING FOR OTHERS ... 

If you are racis or an IT-colon or worse e-spy against of Africa positions, just know we are not in fifteenth century and nor in 18th or 19th century.

voting proposed by Pierre N. is going on  ... the expected vote namibia ...

The other Doctor(Nii), who enjoys giving good or bad points like in classroom, before doing it show good example fist.
Are you representing the whole GHANA ? why taking GHANA.COM instead ofGHANA.GH? This is not the property of Ghana Government?
In this site (ghana.com) you put photographs of babies, did they or their their parents had authorized you to do so?

At the time of the esclabage had slaves inside and those outside ... and those inside are sicker than their masters if they are sick.

I have an advice for our veteran, please take your retirement if you love Africa. If we need you, we will contact you.


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Even logorrhea doesn't make coherence. And it doesn't tell us when YOU knew.

Ms Bekele lied and committed Sockpuppetry, which is acceptable to you but not that we call her on it. 

She lives/conducts business in the US and as such is subject to US law, which she violated. That also seems to acceptable to you but not that I point this out.

You not only were never heard off after finishong your term, I can't find anythting DURING your term.

And, many of us know how the Nom-Com works, NOBODY is selected with a specific mandate. 

But probably truth is an unfamiliar concept to you.


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