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Mon Dec 10 10:05:38 SAST 2012

I guess my earlier comments that hate speech or foul language is not 
desirable (from victors, vanquished, victims what ever) has been 
vindicated. We need more leadership, diplomacy and magnanimity.   
Competition, reproof, rebuke, correction and apology can still take 
place in a respectful and non toxic manner. For a while now some 
participants on this list seem to have been out competing one another 
for the wrong prize - to inflict the hardest/painful blow.

I would also urge members to consider the following:

- sub judice, this is no court but  the .africa application is currently 
under consideration by competent institutions of ICANN which must be 
respected. There should be no basis for premature pronouncements from 
any other quarters.
- there is a difference between allegation and fact
- there is a difference between opinion and fact
- COI, people who are known to be actively backing either of the 
application for .africa are obviously conflicted somewhat and it will be 
fair to assume that they are pursuing this interest more than any other 
in such deliberations. So observers will always take their "expert" 
advice with the necessary caution.

On 10/12/2012 09:17 AM, Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
> Never mind that he wrote that there has been no conflict of interest, 
> he also asked for further particulars which were not forthcoming. Of 
> course.
> But, what is much more interesting is:
> On Dec 10, 2012, at 8:40, Brian Munyao Longwe <blongwe at 
> <mailto:blongwe at>> wrote:
>> Interesting, very interesting...
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>> On Dec 10, 2012 9:31 AM, "Badru Ntege" <badru.ntege at 
>> <mailto:badru.ntege at>> wrote:
>>     FYI
> [...]
>>     An aspect of this application has been the unfortunate tone of
>>     much of the debate on various websites blogs and other places.
>>     During the course of this investigation I discussed this with
>>     Sophia Bekele (at the Toronto meeting) and suggested that perhaps
>>     a less aggressive approach would be appropriate. She readily
>>     agreed to this.
> So she told the Ombudsman she would behave herself, and just carried 
> on, substantially misbehaving.
>>     The discussion and debate continues to be fairly vigorous, but I
>>     would suggest to the competing parties for .africa that they
>>     should pay attention to the ICANN rules about respectful
>>     communication. No doubt feelings are deep and passions strong.
>>     However I would urge the parties to consider the ground rules for
>>     such debate.
> The next which we will hear is that ICANN rules not specifically 
> forbid using a sockpuppet or lying.
> el
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