[AfrICANN-discuss] Communication etiquette and hate speech

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Fri Dec 7 16:33:00 SAST 2012

  The levels of hate speech on this list are now worrying  - at least to 
me as a relatively new person. It is just anger and hate from both 
acclaimed and alleged victors and victims. Almost a war zone than a 
battle of ideas - almost resembling political contests. What ever the 
interests be it business or expertise, surely we can interact without 
scandalizing and name calling one another - agree to disagree amicably. 
Is this too much to expect rather than this vengeance and more vengeance.

Where is this taking us to? Can this be considered to be a sound 
investment for Africa and our internet community? These are part of the 
many questions that come to my mind when I read some of the emails.


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