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Nii Narku Quaynor quaynor at ghana.com
Thu Dec 6 22:25:03 SAST 2012

Yup and Dr Yassin is satisfied with the lies

The Dr perhaps condones the lies and refuses to see the truth.  He is unable to apologize for the organization yet he is included as member of global advisory group of DCA 

Cowards ....?

On Dec 6, 2012, at 18:58, Dr Eberhard W Lisse <el at lisse.NA> wrote:

> you work for an admitted liar.
> el
> On 2012-12-06 20:42 , Dr Yassin Mshana wrote:
>> It seems that your memory is ot doing you good or decide to have
>> selective memory - maybe?
>> Eh?  Nii..
>> I have been posting statements to "Yes to Dot ConnectAfrica" long
>> before this saga of .africa was blown out of propotion by fellow
>> Africans because I believe and intend to support development and
>> good things I see for Africa - not for any named person be it Ms
>> Bekele or other.  The idea of having .africa through DCA has
>> received my support and hence a Strategic Advisory input to it -
>> What is wrong with you in this anyway?  Me to change my spots and
>> paint a colour I did not chose?  I have a stand which is to be
>> non-alignment in chosing the cause I support probably it is for
>> development of Africa not individuals as you tend to want me to do
>> - show me a good cause I will support if I agree and belive so -
>> not to be 'told' to fall in line...  respect choices please.
>> Does it mean that I should change my support to follow what you or
>> other say or do?  The DCA I support is a Trust - do I have t
>> educate you at this stage on this what a Trust means?
>> Please concentarte on issues not to run a Campaign in this List -
>> there is a place for that: Political Campaigns and Elections
>> process would benefit from that; not here, with me, now.
>> I keep quiet on this now and do not wish to hear any canvassing
>> from you or anyother other person since it has been my choice with
>> my eyes open...
>> Cheers
>> Yassin
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