[AfrICANN-discuss] Remove the Intruder from the email list

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Thu Dec 6 20:58:05 SAST 2012

you work for an admitted liar.


On 2012-12-06 20:42 , Dr Yassin Mshana wrote:
> It seems that your memory is ot doing you good or decide to have
> selective memory - maybe?
> Eh?  Nii..
> I have been posting statements to "Yes to Dot ConnectAfrica" long
> before this saga of .africa was blown out of propotion by fellow
> Africans because I believe and intend to support development and
> good things I see for Africa - not for any named person be it Ms
> Bekele or other.  The idea of having .africa through DCA has
> received my support and hence a Strategic Advisory input to it -
> What is wrong with you in this anyway?  Me to change my spots and
> paint a colour I did not chose?  I have a stand which is to be
> non-alignment in chosing the cause I support probably it is for
> development of Africa not individuals as you tend to want me to do
> - show me a good cause I will support if I agree and belive so -
> not to be 'told' to fall in line...  respect choices please.
> Does it mean that I should change my support to follow what you or
> other say or do?  The DCA I support is a Trust - do I have t
> educate you at this stage on this what a Trust means?
> Please concentarte on issues not to run a Campaign in this List -
> there is a place for that: Political Campaigns and Elections
> process would benefit from that; not here, with me, now.
> I keep quiet on this now and do not wish to hear any canvassing
> from you or anyother other person since it has been my choice with
> my eyes open...
> Cheers
> Yassin

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