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Evidence raised by a number of technical people on the list kind of questions the real identity.  No attempt has been made to prove these people wrong and thus my statement.

I am sure DCA is capable of establishing its credibility and good standing in its own community without asking your biased opinion.

Finally, your statement "since the intention was to deliberately mislead the community" is a serious allegation, whoever you think my identity is.

If Evidence proves that we have a real Lerato Ma and a real Sophia Bekele  and these two are biologically different,  I will be the first to offer an apology for the above allegation.  As for now we unfortunately are left to assume that the two are actually one.

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Dr Yassin

Behind policies and guidebooks we have individuals, and let's not gloss over this issue. Whoever is going to look after .africa must have credibility and good standing in the community.  This issue was actually raised by "Ms Lerato" some time back about someone who supposedly Had a conflict of interest.

Now when we are training leadership we say that credibility is made up of two components. Character and Competence. Where character represents integrity and intent.  If the discussion about people hiding behind different names is proved to be right I would think that the score on both integrity and intent are in the negative.  Since the intention was to deliberately mislead the community.

Competency points to results and capabilities here again I will say that DCA have failed to demonstrate capability to operate a resource on behalf of the African community.

Just like you I think we have all been Mislead.


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Oga Nii,

My Organisation is AFRICA -- which organisation are you enlisting me to?

Have you somehow divided Africans?  My long support of DCA before the .africa saga (sad) started should not make me change mid-air due to negative campaigns going on. I am aligned to good causes through Policies in place not individuals opinions.

I do not see any quick sand unless one puts me on it which is my liking - I walking on Fairness and the Truth - no favour no fear when i promote Africa.

I would not like to be in a position to defend any ill dealings at any stage - to me it is better to remain objective and simple and to sere where I can make  difference without complications (deceits)  which some individuals are trying to untangle themselves from.  There is a place for that in cheap politics....?

Kind regards

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> NEXT: The Guidebook did not allow for such 'name calling' and 'rumbling' taking place for .africa; it does not say that some individuals may consult with Governments to discredit any organisations.....
You are walking on quick sand on this as your organization's website/articles are full of these story telling aka "say no" slogan packed with enough juicy lies about different people including leading professional, ministers of state etc

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