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Mon Dec 3 15:08:37 SAST 2012


On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 7:32 AM, Dr Yassin Mshana <ymshana2003 at> wrote:
> Hello Tim et all, I am having a problem with the Statement below:

I am happy to engage on the facts.

> "If you see the matter as I do, that ICANN has asked that governmental
> and/or intergovernmental entities weigh in on new gTLDs that have a
> geographic scope, it is perfectly reasonable to have the AU involved."
> The issue here is that, was a concensus or even consultations to involve the
> AU or AUC in any case? <That is what culminates to abuse and manipulations
> I referred to>

NO consensus or consultations were needed to include the AU/AUC as it
is REQUIRED by the Guidebook:

An applied-for gTLD string that falls into any of 1 through 4
listed above is considered to represent a geographic
name. In the event of any doubt, it is in the applicant’s
interest to consult with relevant governments and public
authorities and enlist their support or non-objection prior to
submission of the application, in order to preclude possible
objections and pre-address any ambiguities concerning
the string and applicable requirements.

> You say, "It is perfectly reasonable" by Who? You, or Africans who were not
> consulted?

By anyone who reads the Guidebook I think.

In any case, was it not clear to DCA that they would want AU/AUC
support when they asked for a letter of support several years ago from
the AUC?

> Please is matter of principle - It is surprising to sede the AUC being
> dragged along without checking what the Political body is being put into.
> That is where misleading took place  OR maybe the advisory to the AUC are
> part na d parcel of the whole act? If so, I for one need to know  as I would
> not accept to see Africans denied of their voices on issues which are
> important to Africa.

Take it up with the authors of the Guidebook. They opened the door for the AU,
and I am not surprised that the AU acted as they did.

Was the AU misled?? I see no evidence of that!


"A name indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A
route indicates how we get there."  Jon Postel

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