[AfrICANN-discuss] .africa who is who?

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Sun Dec 2 22:52:11 SAST 2012


Just for the record, I have not "pointed out that" she is her.  I
have asked her who she is and addressed her as Sophia.

I am however as intrigued as you are as to why these headers would
show what they do.


On 2012-12-02 22:36 , Vika Mpisane wrote:
> Well, Brian, Eberhard has regularly pointed out that this "Lerato
> Ma" is in fact Sophia Bekele – much to the vehement denial of
> this "Lerato Ma".  I like the fact that this "Lerato Ma" claims to
> be "unproudly South African".  What I like most from the info you
> provided below is the last 2 lines that read:
> X-RocketYMMF: sophiabekele X-Mailer:
> YahooMailWebService/
> And it seemed Eberhard was wrong when he constantly pointed out
> this "Lerato Ma" (who's very unproudly South African - if she ever
> were South African in the first place) is, in fact, Sophia Bekele.
> Now reading the header info below and finding the name "Sophia
> Bekele" leaves me with intrigue: why is Sophia Bekele (assuming
> the header info is not lying) hiding behind pseudonyms?  Let alone
> the fake "South Africanness"?
> Regards,
> *Vika Mpisane* | Tel: +27 11 314 0077

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