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Dr Yassin Mshana ymshana2003 at gmail.com
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Let Africa take this opportunity to move the dot africa forward by
having it launched then.

The DCA has done a lot over many years to make this a reality - recent
events and attempts to derail the outcome of the effort should be
stopped and forgotten since they are undermining the meaning of having
<.africa> registered.

Why so? No one has come up with credible reason for the fight over dot
africa. My observations and condemnations of such actions are based on
the following:

1) It seems that there is a mixture of abusive use of political
connections by pulling AU into such activity which is not its Mandate.
This will stifle the development of internet-based economic potential
that Africa has.

2) It is now obvious that there are elements of tending to ignore the
Mission and Values that ICANN has established as a global body. This
was seen during the ICANN 40 meeting.

3) One wonders why should individuals who are supposed to promote the
ICANN mission turn back and decide to create personal gains (corrupt
practise) by trying to force DCA out of competition by proposing that
AfTLD should run dot Africa? that is contrary to what AfTLD is for -
this is unbelievable misunderstanding and shows some elements of

4) I wish to request individuals who serve in any public bodies such
AfTLD, ICANN etc who are out for personal gain to just step aside and
keep away from such public functions.....it would be more appropriate
if we named individuals who intend to abuse positions for personal
gains so that a petition can be made to shamefully have them removed
from public official positions. Time to clean the Africa House is now.

5) I welcome any constructive criticism of what I have said above
because I believe i know what I am talking about after serving for
Africa Region in ccNSO - as a nominee in 2004/05 when Policy
Development Processes were taking place. Most of people who jump into
issues such as dot africa may have not a chance to look at the
Policies, Regulations and bi-Laws OR they have decided to ignore them
(sad eh?)

That is all for now from me.

Kind regards

Yassin Mshana

On 26/03/2011, McTim <dogwallah at gmail.com> wrote:
> decision made:
> http://blog.icann.org/2011/03/icann-42-in-dakar-senegal/
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