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Dear All,
This is a wonderful approach ti information security, is hihly welcome.

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> On June 5th, 2011; African delegates present in Dar Es Salaam have
> organized
> a BOF on the creation of a Computer Emergency Response team for the African
> Continent.  The Bof was chaired by Adiel Akplogan, CEO of AfriNIC.
> Because we use the internet to conducted our day to day activities, the
> issue of cyber security is more and more a concern to people from different
> sectors: government, education, industry, bank etc...
> The community has recognized that AfNOG / AfriNIC as well as sisters
> organization like  them has been promoting security in the cyberspace.
> To move further, AfNOG/AfrNIc have provide the room, starting at Kigali for
> the emergence of an African organization around cyber security by
> introducing training of trainers courses for manager and policy makers as
> well as technical staff. A direct result was the declaration at Kigali of
> the need to create a Computer Emergency Response team at the continent
> level.
> The need to move forward  has been clearly pointed by the delegates.
> The African organization will leverage all the previous and existing
> efforts, lead to creation of CERTs in different countries.  The proposed
> name of the organization is AfricaCERT.
> As pointed during the meeting, countries are in different stages and the
> goal is not to tell Governments what to do but to build a central
> repository
> of experiences, a group of trusted contacted and a group of highly skilled
> professionals who can drive local initiatives in their community what Prof
> Nii Quaynor, called the African Leadership.  One of the primary task of
> this
> team will be to get countries ready and to figure out what to do to see
> countries emerge.
> The commitment has been strong to support LEA and Governments in their
> fight
> against cybercrime, by providing assistance  in all the areas they need but
> also training.
> On the training aspect, The help of our friends from Asia; the JPCERT team
> leaded by Prof Suguru Yamaguchi and coordinated by Prof Kilnam Chon is
> higly
> appreciated.
> Funding and support issues have been raised. AfriNIC has expressed its will
> to help (what the organization is already doing). It is also expected to
> see
> more people involved in the process after the incorporation of the company
> and the presentation to the community.
> Different steps have been identified to move forward and an interim
> committee has been setup to think about  the following issues:
> incorporation, bylaws, stakeholders.
> The committee is expected to produce a report at the AfNOG/AfriNIC meeting
> in Gambia.
> In the midtime, at the AfriNIC meeting in Cameroon, AfricaCERT is expected
> to have its first trial event after the "CERT training for Managers and
> Policy makers.". The coordination team will  at the same time start working
> on the business plan as well as making sure that the community and
> government are aware of such an initiative and are willing to support.
> The first presentation has be done at the Government and LEA working group
> meeting by Jean Robert Hountomey on June 11.
> Interim Committee
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