[AfrICANN-discuss] TR: The case of AfricaCERT

Jean-Robert Hountomey hrobert at iservices.tg
Wed Jun 22 20:04:32 SAST 2011

On June 5th, 2011; African delegates present in Dar Es Salaam have organized
a BOF on the creation of a Computer Emergency Response team for the African
Continent.  The Bof was chaired by Adiel Akplogan, CEO of AfriNIC.

Because we use the internet to conducted our day to day activities, the
issue of cyber security is more and more a concern to people from different
sectors: government, education, industry, bank etc...
The community has recognized that AfNOG / AfriNIC as well as sisters
organization like  them has been promoting security in the cyberspace.
To move further, AfNOG/AfrNIc have provide the room, starting at Kigali for
the emergence of an African organization around cyber security by
introducing training of trainers courses for manager and policy makers as
well as technical staff. A direct result was the declaration at Kigali of
the need to create a Computer Emergency Response team at the continent

The need to move forward  has been clearly pointed by the delegates.
The African organization will leverage all the previous and existing
efforts, lead to creation of CERTs in different countries.  The proposed
name of the organization is AfricaCERT.
As pointed during the meeting, countries are in different stages and the
goal is not to tell Governments what to do but to build a central repository
of experiences, a group of trusted contacted and a group of highly skilled
professionals who can drive local initiatives in their community what Prof
Nii Quaynor, called the African Leadership.  One of the primary task of this
team will be to get countries ready and to figure out what to do to see
countries emerge.

The commitment has been strong to support LEA and Governments in their fight
against cybercrime, by providing assistance  in all the areas they need but
also training.

On the training aspect, The help of our friends from Asia; the JPCERT team
leaded by Prof Suguru Yamaguchi and coordinated by Prof Kilnam Chon is higly

Funding and support issues have been raised. AfriNIC has expressed its will
to help (what the organization is already doing). It is also expected to see
more people involved in the process after the incorporation of the company
and the presentation to the community.

Different steps have been identified to move forward and an interim
committee has been setup to think about  the following issues:
incorporation, bylaws, stakeholders.

The committee is expected to produce a report at the AfNOG/AfriNIC meeting
in Gambia.

In the midtime, at the AfriNIC meeting in Cameroon, AfricaCERT is expected
to have its first trial event after the "CERT training for Managers and
Policy makers.". The coordination team will  at the same time start working
on the business plan as well as making sure that the community and
government are aware of such an initiative and are willing to support.

The first presentation has be done at the Government and LEA working group
meeting by Jean Robert Hountomey on June 11.

Interim Committee

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