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Self regulation: responsible stakeholders for a safer Internet

They way children use the Internet and mobile technologies has changed
dramatically in the past years. At the same time, the internet can open a
wide range of opportunities for youngsters when used safely and
responsibly. In order to ensure that children, parents and teachers have
access to the right tools and information for a safe use of the internet
and new technologies, the Commission has always been a supporter of
industry self-regulation which enables industry to create a system by which
they can deal rapidly with any challenges that may araise.

Several self-regulation initiatives have been taken by the industry at
European level with the support of the European Commission.
 Coalition to make the Internet a better place for kids

Read the European Commission press

The Coalition, launched on 01 December 2011, is a cooperative voluntary
intervention designed to respond to emerging challenges arising from the
diverse ways in which young Europeans go online. Companies signatories to
the Coalition committed to take positive action throughout 2012 in 5 areas:
*simple tools for users to report harmful content and contact,
age-appropriate privacy settings, wider use of content classification,
wider availability and use of parental controls, effective take down of
child abuse material*.

Statement of Purpose of the Coalition, including its Work
Signatory companies: Apple, BSkyB, BT, Dailymotion, Deutsche Telekom,
Facebook, France Telecom - Orange, Google, Hyves, KPN, Liberty Global, LG
Electronics, Mediaset, Microsoft, Netlog, Nintendo, Nokia, Opera Software,
Research In Motion, RTL Group, Samsung, Sulake, Telefonica, TeliaSonera,
Telenor Group, Tuenti, Vivendi and Vodafone.

Check Vice-President Kroes' blog <http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/neelie-kroes/>

You can send us your comments and ideas on Twitter using the hash tag
Check websites of the Coalition members and their statements and
commitments to online safety for children

BT <http://www.bt.com/safety> and

 Deutsche Telekom <http://www.telekom.com/dtag/cms/content/dt/de/11398>

Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/fbsafety?sk=notes>

 KPN <http://forum.kpn.com/t5/News-stream/bg-p/News-stream>

Mediaset <http://www.tgcom24.it/>

 Microsoft <http://www.microsoft.eu/default.aspx?tabid=120>


Opera Software <http://www.opera.com/press/releases/>

 France Telecom -
Telecom Orange <http://www.orange.com/fr_FR/responsabilite/qualite/>(FR)

RTL Group <http://www.rtlgroup.com/>

 Telenor <http://www.telenor.com/en/news-and-media/press-releases/>


 TeliaSonera <http://www.teliasonera.com/protectingchildrenonline>


Vodafone <http://www.vodadfone.com/parents>

The way children in Europe use the internet and new technologies has
changed dramatically in the past years. On average, children in Europe now
start going online when they are seven. 38% of 9 to 12 year olds who are
online say they have a social networking profile, in spite of age
restrictions. More than 30% of children who go online do so from a mobile
device and 26% via game consoles.

In this context, in order to ensure that children, parents and teachers can
take advantage of all the benefits offered by the internet and new
technologies and have a safe online experience, the Commission has
initiated a coalition from all sectors of the ICT industry. Coalition
members have also committed to working in a participative manner and
engaging with interested parties such as child welfare and consumer NGOs,
under the auspices of the European Commission.

The work plan of the Coalition, annexed to the Statement of Purpose,
contains deadlines and performance indicators for each of these action
points. The Coalition will review its work in the summer of 2012 and
establish by then what subsequent review will be required.
Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU

 "The Safer Social Networking Principles for
a self-regulatory agreement, which includes guidelines for the use of
social networking sites by children. This was voluntarily adopted by the
industry in February 2009

   - See list of
find out more about the Safer
   Social Networking Principles for the

 The Commission committed to monitor the implementation of the Safer Social
Networking Principles for the EU and in 2011 it published the findings of a
second independent assessment report
the implementation of the Principles.
 European Framework for Safer Mobile use by Young Teenagers and Children

In 2007 mobile operators signed the European Framework for Safer Mobile use
by Young Teenagers and
The Framework describes principles and measures that the signatories
committed to implementing on the national level throughout Europe by
February 2008.

In June 2010 the GSM Europe association published the third
the status of its implementation at national level.

   - See more on the European Framework signature and
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