[AfrICANN-discuss] Public Comment: Draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget...Ready for Community Consideration

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 Public Comment: Draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget...Ready for Community

17 May 2010

The draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget is posted and ready for community
consideration. Translations will be posted shortly as they become available.

Draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget for Community
1.33 MB]

ICANN's annual operating plan and budget describes the planned activities
and required resources for the fiscal year. These activities are based on
ICANNs strategic objectives. The Bylaws require that the draft FY11
Operating Plan be posted by the 17th of May to ensure adequate opportunity
for community feedback. In mid February, an even earlier draft of FY11 plans
was posted – the Budget Framework - and community members provided feedback
in online fora, meetings in Nairobi, and on conference calls. The comments
received and the summary analysis, and proposed responses to those comments,
can be found here:

Based in part on that feedback, this draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget
provides more data views and more detailed information than ever before. The
draft achieves the key objective to keep the FY11 operating expense budget
within a $59 million limit to ensure sound fiscal principles. A few
highlights to note:

   - Some growth in internal security efforts – DNSSEC, Business Continuity;
   no funding in this fiscal year for some security initiatives such as
   - More support for ICANN’s policy development processes

The draft identifies areas that have been cut or slowed down due to budget

Over a month remains before the final budget is submitted to the Board for
approval. As always, the community is encouraged to provide feedback:

After further community feedback, and synthesis, the final FY11 budget is to
be submitted to the ICANN Board for adoption at its Brussels meeting in June
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