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 IANA Continuity Exercise Report Published

17 May 2010

ICANN is today releasing the After Action
248 KB] from the IANA Business Continuity Exercise conducted on 19
January 2010. The exercise was discussed during the ICANN Nairobi meeting.

The primary objective of the exercise was to restore the production systems
enumerated in the IANA Business Continuity Plan within four hours from the
declaration of an incident, leveraging staff based outside of ICANN's Marina
del Rey office and ICANN's Reston, Virginia, US hot site. Secondary
objectives included validating several newly implemented communications and
technical systems and processes.

The exercise was deemed a success in that most critical systems were
restored within the first 30 minutes of the exercise and all systems were
restored within 90 minutes. This is well within the four-hour timeframe.
Additionally, stakeholders indicated that internal and external
communications were appropriate and well received, and new procedures and
systems functioned well.

The exercise was part of ICANN's overall program for continuity and
contingency testing, as well as on-going efforts related to IANA Business
Excellence. Previous exercise After Action Reports are available at:

   - 2009 Joint ICANN-gTLD Registry Continuity
233 KB] (30 April 2008)
   - 2008 ICANN gTLD Registry Failover
165 KB] (6 April 2008)


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