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Subject: [afrinic members] Nominations Open for two PDP-MG seats

Dear Colleagues,

AfriNIC is seeking nominations for two (2) positions in the the
Policy Development Process-Moderator Group (PDP-MG).

The PDP-MG is a group of volunteers elected by the community
as per the current Policy Development Process (PDP) with the
responsibility to:

    *  Conduct policy discussions during public meetings
    *  moderate discussions on the the Resource Policy Discuss
       mailing list
    *  Report on Policy development matters to the Board.
    *  Evaluate consensus on policy discussions both online and at
       face to face meetings
    *  Recommend the creation of a special working Groups on the
       Resource Policy Discussion List

Nominated candidates must be from the AfriNIC community but not members
of AfriNIC staff. Candidates can be nominated by anyone, excluding
AfriNIC or other RIRs staff, and must permanently reside in a country
within the AfriNIC service Region.

To nominate a candidate to be elected at the open position, please send
an email to the Nomination and Election committee (nomcom2010 at afrinic.net)
with the following information:

(a) Information of the Nominee:
   *  Nominee (Full Name):
   *  Organisation name (or Affiliation):
   *  Position:
   *  E-mail address:
   *  Postal/Physical address:
   *  Phone number:
   *  Country of residence:
   *  Brief Bio with a highlight of how the Nominee intends to
      contribute to the PDP-MG in particular and the Region's Policy
      Development Process (PDP) in General (not more than 500 words):

(b) Information of the Nominator:
   *  [WINDOWS-1252?]Nominator’s Name:
   *  Organization:
   *  E-mail address:
   *  Motivation for nomination:

If self-nominated, indicate "self" in section (b) above.

You can find out more about the AfriNIC Policy Development Process at:


The nomination deadline is Saturday 15 May 2010 at 12:00 UTC.


Adiel A. Akplogan
Chief Executive Officer
AfriNIC, www.afrinic.net
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