[AfrICANN-discuss] AfriNIC embraces Internet challenges in Africa

Richard Omolo richard.omolo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 07:51:22 SAST 2010

@SM, to add an ounce of thought to your lines, may I add that hosting and
management of sites 'outside the region' is still pegged to the 'importation
culture' we embrace as a 'developing economy'; most of our techies have an
invested background owing to 'imported knowledge' and thus the magnetism is
telling. It is still the trust problem as put clearly by Adiel [CEO,
Afrinic]. I operate from an academic network and believe me even experts
still announce on 'imported domains'.

@McTim, to my understanding, posting by Becky is based on reporting excerpt
loaded by Anne on Adiel's excellent job. We all agree that Afrinic has made
giant steps towards organizing IP management within Africas and her
neighbourhood. As IP consumers within Africas address space, we must oil
this legend initiative and translate our growing infrastructure into robust
investment with sustainable overtones.

This is my take.



On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 12:47 AM, SM <sm at resistor.net> wrote:

> At 23:21 05-02-10, McTim wrote:
>> While recognising that we still have much to accomplish, I feel like
>> our glass is (at least) half full, not half empty..
> Yes.
> Now let's tell a different story.  The photos might not fit the usual
> concept of "developed" but they provide a refreshing glimpse of the region.
>  (i)   The content is about the region.
>  (ii)  The domain is registered through a company outside the region.
>  (iii) The site is hosted outside the region
> Sites in other regions also do (ii) and (iii).
>  (i)   How does it affect ISPs?
>  (ii)  How does it affect users?
>  (iii) How does it affect the TLDs?
>  (iv)  How does it affect IXPs?
> What is the impact on the region?  Africa knows.
> Regards,
> -sm
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