[AfrICANN-discuss] IPv4's Last Day: What Will Happen When There Is Only IPv6?

Alex Gakuru gakuru at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 19:40:15 SAST 2010

On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 7:14 PM, SM <sm at resistor.net> wrote:
>> My considered opinion is that it would help end users much if AfriNIC
>> community supported end users with information, popularised, and
> That wouldn't make any difference as end users do not have a choice.  Your
> ISP does not support IPv6 and does not plan to do so.  As an experiment,
> call your ISP and ask them whether you can get an IPv6 address.

I meant user-driven and ISP non-dependent, around http://tunnelbroker.net/

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