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*(2-4 June 2010)*

*Call for Papers*

*The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)* and its regional
and international partners are inviting submissions of papers for the second
“Science with Africa” Conference, entitled*Science, Innovation and
Entrepreneurship*. The conference will explore tools and measures to build
the necessary human capital, STI infrastructure, financial instruments,
strategies targeting under represented groups (e.g. youth and women) and
international collaboration for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship
for economic and social transformation in Africa. Special attention will be
placed on measures for stimulating the private sector and academia to play a
key role in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as on legal and
regulatory agencies to create a conducive environment within which
innovation and entrepreneurship flourishes. Specific issues to be discussed
includeintellectual property protection, innovative investment tools,
strategies for human capital development (both for R&D performance and
entrepreneurial activities) and use of networks and collaborations to
promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

The papers should focus on Africa in the topics specified below:

·        *Policies*: Papers could address policy and strategies for
stimulating R&D performance, emergence of entrepreneurial institutions and
innovation in industry. These could address protection of intellectual
property and increasing Africa’s share of global patents,
university-industry collaborations, technology transfer, diffusion of
technology to and promoting innovation at the grassroot level, engineering
and entrepreneurship,, existence and use of technology standards and
regulatory agencies to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

·        *Enabling environment for Innovation:* Institutional framework
(national and regional Innovation systems); implicit policies to strengthen
linkages between NIS and RIS, national technology policy instruments, legal
and regulatory frameworks for governing innovation and entrepreneurship,
enabling intellectual property right regimes as a stimulus to local
inventive and innovative activities.

·        *Financing innovation –* Papers may address innovative financial
instruments that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. They could also
address ways for increasing  financial resources for start-up, R&D,
technology acquisition and transfer and for expansion though commercial and
development banks, venture capital and industrial financing firms., They
could also look at ways of using of intellectual assets (e.g. patents) as
collateral, promoting public-private partnerships investments  in innovation
and commercialisation of R&D, patent registration and creation of companies;

·        *Innovative strategies for technology commercialization in Africa:
*Papers in this areas could focus on national and institutional lessons and
experiences in commercializing R&D outputs of universities and other R&D
institutions; policies, measures and incentives for technology transfer, key
challenges and opportunities faced by technology transfer offices and skills
and management experiences in diffusing and commercializing public
goods , technology
transfer mechanisms in the private sector, access to patented knowledge for
innovation and innovative public-private partnerships for technology

·        *The paper can be tailored to fall under the following themes or

1.        Science, technology and innovation policies
2.        Energy, water, transport and infrastructure
3.        Agriculture, health and life science
4.        Climate change in Africa
5.        Intellectual property rights and technology transfer
6.        Information and Communication Technologies
7.        Innovation and entrepreneurial capacities
8.        STI capacity building among target groups – women, youth and

The papers may provide some emerging global/regional or national trends in
terms of technologies, innovation, policies and strategies, suggest ways in
which Africa can promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector or
issue of interest and potential benefit. National and regional experiences
are encouraged.

*Format requirements*

Submissions should be no more than 4000 words. The cover page should include
(1) title, (2) authors and affiliation, (3) e-mail address of contact author
and an abstract describing the contributions. Abstracts should not exceed
150 words

All manuscripts will be reviewed by the United Nations Economic Commission
for Africa on their quality and relevance for the conference. Accepted
papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Authors of accepted
papers may be supported to participate in the conference.

*Key Dates*
Deadline for Submission of
Papers (max. 4000 words) and Author Profile (max 100 words)
30 April 2010
Notification Due:
15 May 2010
Papers  Submission:
*swa at uneca.org*
Conference website

Register online at *http://www.uneca.org/sciencewithafrica/.*** You can also
send an email to: *swa at uneca.org* for details.

Thierry H. Amoussougbo
Regional Advisor, ICT Initiatives
ICT,  Science & Technology Division (ISTD)
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
Tel: 251 11 5443053
Fax: 251 11 5510512
E-mail : tamoussougbo at uneca.org

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