[AfrICANN-discuss] ccTLD Boom Fuels Interest in Canada's .ca Extension & Back in the States T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founder Howard Neu Gets on the Development Bandwagon

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*ccTLD Boom Fuels Interest in Canada's .ca Extension & Back in the States
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founder Howard Neu Gets on the Development Bandwagon *


*In a complete reversal of form from just two years ago*, *ccTLDs *now
routinely leave *non .com gTLDs* in the dust in our weekly reports on domain
sales. The *latest
*, released today, is typical. There are five ccTLDs on the all extension
Top 20 chart and there were a dozen five-figure country code sales reported.
Not one non .com gTLD made the chart and only three reported non .com gTLD
sales reached five figures. Average prices paid for names on our*Year-To-Date
Top 100 <http://www.dnjournal.com/ytd-sales-charts.htm>* *ccTLD Chart* are
approximately *double* the average price paid for domains on the *Top 100
Global Contenders Chart *(our nickname for non .com gTLDs).

While *Germany (.de)* and *Great Britain (.co.uk)* have traditionally
dominated ccTLD sales, we're seeing increasing interest and activity in many
other extensions.  One example is our northern neighbor, *Canada*, and its *
.ca*extension. .Ca growth is spurring the development of more tools and
services aimed at those interested in .ca investing and development.

*Jeff Behrendt *dropped me a note to let me know about a new .ca drop
catching service his company has rolled out with partner *Hubbard *

*Media *at *Dropping.ca <http://www.dropping.ca/>*. Every Wednesday at
2:00pm., the *Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)* releases
expired domains that have not been renewed.  This is known as the "*TBR*"
(short for "To Be Released"). Behrendt said, "Dropping.ca can help you
obtain these TBR domains with a high-touch service combined with an easy to
use interface." You can find out more about the TBR and Dropping.ca
*.  If you want to sign up at Dropping.ca, you can visit*this

*Jeff Behrendt (Dropping.ca)
*speaking at the *T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ccTLDs*
conference in *Amsterdam* last June.

While he was writing, Behrendt also filled me in on the *Domain Owners
Association of Canada (DOAC)*, a new organization that represents
stakeholders in Canada's domain community - not just domain registrants, but
also domain registrars, hosting companies, the tech community, online ad
agencies, webmasters and more. "Its mission is to promote internet business
and investment in Canada," Behrendt said. "Its goals include promoting the
use of dot ca domains, increasing the number of dot ca domains registered,
protecting the rights of dot ca domain owners, and most controversially,
lifting the dot ca presence requirements.

Behrendt said The first directors were just elected and they are: *Harold
Simpkins*(Emall.ca), *Peter Maxymych *(Emall.ca), *Rick Silver*
(N49.ca), *Frank
Michlick*(DomainNameNews.com), *Jeffrey Behrendt *

(Dropping.ca), and *Larry Franschman* (Evote.ca). You can find out more
about the association on their website
Membership is free and you can *sign up

Back on this side of the border, I keep hearing more about veteran domain
owners who are undertaking development projects. One of the latest is *
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. *Co-Founder* Howard Neu*

who, in conjunction with the *Rodan Media Group <http://www.rodanmedia.net/>
*, has just launched*InvestingFunds.com <http://www.investingfunds.com/>*
 and*MalpracticeAttorneys.com <http://www.malpracticeattorneys.com/>*. The
Rodan Media Group is headed by *Donnie Goodwin*, a former *Paine
Webber *investment
banker who also operates a law practice specializing in bankruptcy and
helping investors gain a fresh start on their march to financial

InvestingFunds.com is the first site in a planned *Fidelity Funding
a group of websites that will cover economic news and events.
InvestingFunds.com features user commentary pages so visitors can add their
viewpoints about the present state of the economy, from stocks to domain
investment, retirement planning to international trade. The website also
includes economic analysis from*Steve Forbes* and *New York* real estate
mogul *Barbara Corcoran*.

Rodan Co-Founder *Danny Pryor* said the next Fidelity Funding Network site
to go online will be *BestDomainsWebsite.com*, which will

*Howard Neu* has gotten on the
development bandwagon with domains
developed by the *Rodan Media Group*

list premium domains for sale in a non-auction platform. Pryor said, "Domain
investors and prospectors will have the opportunity to view the domains for
sale, view the search metrics related to keywords in the domain name,
itself, and view a screen shot of the domain."

MalpracticeAttorneys.com is a separate project that includes a blog (with
some posts personally written by Neu, who is also an attorney) and a
directory of the nation's malpractice attorneys.

(Posted Nov. 18, 2009)
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