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 SSAC Review: Public Comment Period to the Independent Reviewers’ Final

21 May 2009

ICANN appointed JAS Communications as the consultants for the independent
review of SSAC, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. The
consultants released their draft final
673K], which was presented and discussed at the ICANN Mexico City
meeting. Slides used during the presentation and transcript of the
discussion are available here <http://mex.icann.org/node/2662>.

External reviewers addressed the comments received during presentation and
public comments to their draft report, and released the *finalized version
of their report<http://www.icann.org/en/reviews/ssac/ssac-review-final-15may09.pdf>[PDF,

A *public comment
*is now open until the 28 June 2009, to allow inputs from the community *final
report of external
*[PDF, 745K]. The SSAC review Working Group, considering the report of
external reviewers and the inputs that will be received during public
comments, will issue its recommendations to the Structural Improvements
Committee and the Board for implementation.
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