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 Plan for Enhanced Internet Security, Stability and Resiliency

21 May 2009

ICANN has developed a plan to enhance the security, stability and resiliency
of the Internet's naming and addressing systems as called for in its
Strategic Plan and in accordance within its bylaws.

The plan notes how the Internet has thrived by engaging many stakeholders
who collaborate to foster communication, creativity and commerce in a global
commons. The interoperability of the global commons depends on the operation
and coordination of the Internet's unique identifier systems. ICANN and the
operators of these systems acknowledge that maintaining and enhancing the
security, stability and resiliency of these systems is a core element of
their collaborative relationship. The plan notes the growing risks to the
security, stability and resiliency of the unique identifier systems and the
need to collaboratively address these risks.

The plan delineates ICANN's specific programs that will address security,
stability and resiliency. It also details planned activities that will
enhance its contributions through the next operational year. This first
version of the plan is intended as a foundation for ICANN and its community
to establish a framework for organizing its security, stability and
resiliency efforts. The plan does not envision major new roles or programs
for ICANN in this area.

The programs and initiatives in which ICANN plans to engage during the
2009-2010 operating year include:

   - Improving root zone management through automation; improve
   authentication of communications with TLD managers and support
   implementation of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSec)
   - Ensure the maturation of the gTLD registry continuity plan and test the
   data escrow system
   - Build on the collaborative efforts of the Internet security community
   efforts to effectively respond to malicious abuses of the Domain Name System

This Plan is posted for a 30-day public
will also be the subject of a public comment forum at the Sydney

The entire ICANN Plan for Enhancing Internet Security, Stability and
Resiliency can be reviewed
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