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Mon May 11 13:05:21 SAST 2009

There seems to be some  misunderstanding  about what the kenya communication amendment act 2009 (KCA 2009) and what it proposes to introduce, which is basically the era of convergence.  

It is the introduction of liberalisation at 
the sub domain level by creating a
competitive registrar model. KENIC remains the ccTLD manager of the whole dot KE namespace and   
registry operator. What the KCA ammendment requires is  if a registered company wants to manage/sell the second level, i.e. .co.ke, sc.ke etc. they would need to get a  license from CCK to become an registarar. 
This is encouraging competition at the sub domain level and from my interpretation that is progress..there has been a discussion on some lists that the government takes on a larger than life oversight role, this is not correct and please note that the regulatory authority CCK has always been a major stakeholder in KENIC

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