[AfrICANN-discuss] [Fwd: [Aftld-discuss] Conficker Worm possess a threat to ccTLDs]

Dr Yassin Mshana ymshana2003 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 23:34:43 SAST 2009

Thank you Mwangi et al for the information.

I have copied this to my colleagues whom, like me, I presume will be
interested to be informed more about this "threat"

It seems that the integrity and stability issue is becoming a big
issue now...... curtailing the ill intended activity like this one
gives us some confidence BUT do we can someone shed a light on the
Level/Status of Vulnerability that the ccTLDs are or have been?

I presume that Users need to know about what happened and what is
being done to protect them.

Please keep up with good work..

Best regards


On 14/03/2009, Michuki Mwangi <michuki at swiftkenya.com> wrote:
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> Subject: [Aftld-discuss] Conficker Worm possess a threat to ccTLDs
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> Dear Colleagues,
> ICANN CTO, John Crain, has sent out  a mail throwing  more light on the
> Conficker Worm and efforts being made to curtail it. According to him a
> new version of conficker is on the loose. This version, he said,  makes
> use of names in 116 TLDs (all of them CcTLDs) many of who are members of
> the CcNSO and the regional TLD organizations although some  of them are
> members of neither. The African ccTLD includes mu, ke, za, mw, ng, sc,
> gh, ug, tn, and cd
> A "Go Pack" pack has been created by the anti-malware community to
> counter the spread of this menace. You may find the details about the
> worm is and what is being done to migitage the effect of the worm in the
> "Go Pack" at http://www.aftld.org/conficker
> Each CcTLD will be given a list of names that will be used by the
> conficker malware on a per ccTLD basis.
> All ccTLD are encouraged to be vigilant and be actively involved in the
> solution of problem.
> Kind Regards,
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