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Subject: [Aftld-discuss] Conficker Worm possess a threat to ccTLDs
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 01:26:19 -0000
From: Eric Akumiah <eric at aftld.org>
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Dear Colleagues,

ICANN CTO, John Crain, has sent out  a mail throwing  more light on the
Conficker Worm and efforts being made to curtail it. According to him a
new version of conficker is on the loose. This version, he said,  makes
use of names in 116 TLDs (all of them CcTLDs) many of who are members of
the CcNSO and the regional TLD organizations although some  of them are
members of neither. The African ccTLD includes mu, ke, za, mw, ng, sc,
gh, ug, tn, and cd

A "Go Pack" pack has been created by the anti-malware community to
counter the spread of this menace. You may find the details about the
worm is and what is being done to migitage the effect of the worm in the
"Go Pack" at http://www.aftld.org/conficker

Each CcTLD will be given a list of names that will be used by the
conficker malware on a per ccTLD basis.
All ccTLD are encouraged to be vigilant and be actively involved in the
solution of problem.

Kind Regards,
Eric Akumiah
AFTLD Administrative Manager
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