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Dr Yassin Mshana ymshana2003 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 12:31:46 SAST 2009

Thank you Katim for the encouraging Note.
It is pleasing to see how you, as a member of the Board, are Accountable to
the community  by sharing you opinion based on what has been going on

I for one presume that you will be able to have a  chat with participants
and as usual, share your suggestions for the Way Forward with in a good

Good luck one and all!!


2009/6/11 Katim S. Touray <kaamt at yahoo.com>

> Dear all,
> I've been meaning for the past few days to write this one, but it's been a
> bit hectic.  So please pardon me.
> I am writing to congratulate all of you for coming together to craft a
> response (http://www.ntia.doc.gov/comments/2009/dnstransition/) to the
> call for comments (
> http://www.ntia.doc.gov/press/2009/OIA_ICANNJPA_090427.html) on the
> imminent end of the JPA between ICANN and the US Dept. of Commerce.  It's
> great that you were able to work together to send your comment in, and on
> time.  As a subscriber to the list, I have been following the genesis of
> your response with interest, and satisfaction, and I'm glad your opinions
> have been counted.  As an ICANN Board member, I felt that I should not
> contribute to the content of your response, in view of the fact that ICANN
> is a party to the JPA.  But all the same I am proud, as an African, that we
> stood up to be counted.  That is the spirit we need to keep moving forward.
> I am also glad that some individuals (Nii, and Esam) sent their own
> replies.  I would like more of us to do this, wherever possible, because it
> will also go to illustrate the diversity of opinions we have.  I also like
> the fact that we voted (so to speak) early, so that our comments are not
> lost in the flood of comments that came in on the last day of the comment
> period.  The old saying "vote early, vote often" really does make sense
> here, even if not in politics.
> Moving forward, I have a few suggestions:
>    1. Sydney 2009 - Can we talk?  I think it would be great to have a chat
>    (even if informal in Sydney).  In all likelihood, there will be a smaller
>    number of participants from Africa at the Sydney meeting compared to Mexico
>    City, or even Cairo.  For this reason, it might be much easier to get us all
>    together.  I suggest Anne-Rachel look into this possibility, and let us
>    know.
>    2. Developing Countries Interest Group - I've been thinking (and
>    talking with some people) about the wisdom of having an ICANN interest group
>    on issues that affect people from developing countries.  I know there are
>    many support organizations and committees we have representation in.
>    However, I think over and beyond the mandates of those entities (government
>    affairs for the GAC, and ccTLDs for the ccNSO), we have a lot in common with
>    other developing countries.  For example, a Bhutani in the GAC probably has
>    much more in common with a Burkinabe in the ccNSO, that with the French in
>    the GAC.  It thus makes sense, I think, for us to have some mechanism for
>    people from developing countries to be able to share ideas on how their
>    interests in ICANN, and the global Internet at large can best be taken care
>    of.  Now, notice that I am not talking about a new "constituency."  I think
>    we can, for now, concentrate on building a platform or forum (even if
>    informally) to discuss issues and ideas about ICANN and people from
>    developing countries.  When the interest group is strong enough and we, over
>    time, build a case for a proper ICANN constituency, we can then talk about
>    formally structuring and pushing for the group to be formally recognized as
>    a constituency.  This is just a thought, and I think it can well be a
>    discussion item at an informal Africa-group meeting in Sydney, if ever we
>    have one.
> That's about it for now.  For those of you going to Sydney, I wish you bon
> voyage!  Congratulations again for a job well done, and best wishes!
> Sincerely,
> Katim
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