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Thanks Pierre,

The document overall looks ok, just a few thoughts.

Explicitly calling ICANN an ‘experiment’ puts it
further away from a place where it can attain independence.  Put yourself on the DOC and you’re reading
this document, IMHO,  I would send ICANN
for supervised probation on production  since they have passed the ‘experiment’ stage

The document overly generalized things, ICANN
has a set objective and providing low level details on how much it has achieved
these with some examples will give our document a lot more meaning – This is
where the feedback that members provided to Nii’s email(questionnaire) would be

Typo’s inline

The Africa ICANN Discussion List members provide the following comments in
response to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Notice of Inquiry “Assessment of the Transition of the Technical
Coordination and Management of the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing
System [Docket No. 090420688-9689-01].”

In a view to provide comments which reflect the general views of the Africa
region on the termination of the JPA agreement and thereof a final report on
the DNS project, members of the Africann list , a discussion list for
Africans who are interested in ICANN's matters , organized an online  brain
storming session. The Group is now happy to submit its deliberations to the
National Telecommunication Agency (NTIA).

According to ICANN's mission statement, it coordinates the allocation and
assignment of the three sets of unique identifiers for the Internet, which
are:  Domain names; Internet protocol addresses and Autonomous system
numbers; Protocol port and parameter numbers. After its 11 years of
existence, ICANN has served as the testbed for many initiatives that have
come to make the Internet an ever growing space for communication and
knowledge sharing. The Africa region is particularly marked by the new
developments which ICANN has generated in its core business of DNS and IP
address management. Thus, the bottom up approach to policy development, the
constant search for transparency and accountability constitute the
overarching features which ICANN has struggled for since 1998. Indeed, since
then, the successive MoUs which have delineated ICANN’s perimeter have
provided an outlet for an experiment which spans diverse issues and cross
sector relationships.

In performing its function as the custodian and coordinator of those
critical resources that are domain names and IP addresses, ICANN has
constantly striven to be open, transparent and accountable. The JPA and the
subsequent MoUs have certainly provided the framework for this coordination
which has now given its global and international nature to ICANN.  While the
Africa region benefitted from the ICANN’s experience in many ways, including
the development of the African Internetworking groups and associations and
the growing participation to ICANN’s policy development processes, Africa
would like to recall/state that Internet being a global good, it's sound and
effective coordination should continue to be operated along those criterion
and procedures that have given to the Internet its stability and secure

The ICANN’s experiment has proven to be a success in many ways including
capacity development and cross fertilization of ideas and knowledge. Its
bylaws and internal mechanisms have ensured over the years more transparency
and accountability which portray ICANN as an experiment in global self
governance which could be replicated in other institutional formulas.
termination of the JPA will only reinforce its credibility at the global
level. There is always room for improvement and the termination of the JPA
and the end of the DNS project will only give ICANN its full dimension and
potential as a global and international and multistakeholder institution
within its restricted mission of coordinating the critical resources of the
Internet. One such room for improvement should be the role to be played by
governments in the specific layout of ICANN which guarantees both openness ,
inclusiveness and freedom within the larger context of the global Internet

The:            Preposition to delete
Years:         Replaced
recall/state:  Suggestion to replace the former with the later
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