[AfrICANN-discuss] Re: AfrICANN Digest, Vol 28, Issue 3

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Jun 3 21:38:25 SAST 2009

At 09:19 02-06-2009, McTim wrote:
>yes, as long as we have folk like Nii and Katim on the Board, I am all
>for a free-floating ICANN

What happens when there aren't folks like Nii and Katim on the Board?

At 04:06 03-06-2009, Vika Mpisane wrote:
>Yes, as explained above. I like the fact the ICANN Board itself 
>seems to push for the end of the US DoC oversight over ICANN.

I gather that you mean 

BTW, I haven't seen any comments about a report mentioning loyalty to 
ICANN and protecting the ICANN brand.

At 08:48 03-06-2009, McTim wrote:
>Why can't ICANN stand on it's own, with oversight provided by its Board?

Because it goes against the usual view of separation of powers where 
you cannot be judge and party.  It is possible with a change of 
structure where the ICANN Board (not in its current form) can provide 

One of the problems faced by ICANN was how to define the community 
and how the community can participate in the decision making.  It's a 
complex issue.  There is also a difference between community and stakeholders.

At 09:58 03-06-2009, Dr Yassin Mshana wrote:
>I am sorry? It has already been stated in the previous statement 
>that ICANN Board should a supreme Body. Some other Intity is the 
>community where membership of the Board is drawn from in true 
>democracy (not democrazy - joke)

You'll have to define "democracy".  Do you mean the rule of the majority?


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