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Vika Mpisane vika at zadna.org.za
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Good points you got there, Michuki, as much as I concede that Maye & Alaa
are raising genuine concerns too.

To echo your view, the issue of ICANN meetings "touring" different regions
should not cloud the main issue with Africa in global Internet governance
fora. Our own African meetings (AfriNIC, AfNOG, AfTLD, etc) are usually
disappointing in terms of people numbers, and the question is always the
same: where is Africa's commitment & presence to contribute to the global
Internet dialogue?

Are we as Africans always going to rely on fellowships to attend our own
regional meetings? We honestly do need to have a closer look at ourselves &
realize that ICANN is not our main problem, but we are becoming our own
enemies! In the process Africa's voice becomes weaker & weaker.

We don't seem to contribute enough in a number of ICANN & IGF discussions.
What is our position in relation to the forthcoming new gTLDs? Won't the new
gTLDs really cause African ccTLDs to struggle even more than they are
struggling because of .com, .org & .net? What is our view? Can't we find
ways to contribute to discussions even when we can't physically be at ICANN
& IGF meetings? Remember you can still follow most of these meetings online.

What about the IDN fast-track process? Does it suit us? We need Africa's
views here!

The ICANN Regions issue has re-surfaced & raised its somewhat ugly head
again. In the process, some outside have tried to explore splitting Africa
into divisive regions such as Arab Africa, French-speaking Africa, etc! What
are we saying about this? I'm happy that the Egyptian government (I'm told)
has been quick to stand against any division of Africa.

The point here is this: it's not as important where ICANN meetings go
(although I sure hope we can find ways of regulating this as some of these
meetings really hit on our budgets!), what's important is our ability (or
lack of it) to contribute to & influence the Internet dialogue.

But yes, something must be done about the globetrotting nature of ICANN
meetings. No offence, Anne-Rachel & Baher:-)


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Hi all,

While this sort of digresses from the issues raised by Katim, i would
seek to beg your indulgence on this for one minute. The reason being
that the issue of participation at ICANN meetings has come up at the
ccNSO and other constituencies in the past. This also affects all other
regional meets especially within the Af* (AfriNIC, AfNOG, AfTLD, etc).

The question here is we are quick to point at the ICANN model (fair
enough). But we still lack in numbers and participation at regional
events where such issues need to be discussed. There are those who will
attend but we are still few in numbers, our contributions to the
discussions on and off the lists are still wanting in many spaces
(AfriNIC is doing a good job i must say). But still ...

My question is - what would make us consider the meetings any different
regardless of who is organizing them and increase our participation
levels and also our contributions as well.


Michuki (speaking for himself today!.)

Maye diop wrote:
> Totally aggree with Alaa.
> I think we have to take opportunity of re-organisation of AU to put agenda
> of  ICT meeting at expert level in the continent for our own perspectives
> and most important to have following up of these meetings!
> Best Regards,
> 2009/2/25 Alaa S. ElSharif <alaedin.elsharif at lttnet.net>
>>  I echo your questions Brother Katim,
>> As long as the big shots in ICANN insist on taking advantage of these
>> meetings to tour the world, I doubt that we from the African region can
>> up with their exotic travel schedule! Mexico, Australia, and then South
>> Korea.? Thank God there aren't any trips to Mars or else they would've
>> a meeting there as well.!
>> Personally I'm not going, but I believe we shouldn't wait until ICANN
>> organizes a meeting so that we, members of the African Community can get
>> together and discuss our issues.
>> Those are my two cents,
>> Kind regards.
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>> Dear all,
>> As we get ready for, or are on the way to the ICANN meeting in Mexico
>> I have a few questions:
>> 1.  Are we going to have an Africa-constituency meeting, as we did in
>> Cairo, and if so, when and where?
>> 2.  Did the Cairo meeting of the Africa-constituency result in any action
>> item or items, i.e. things we are supposed to do?  If so, what was to be
>> done, and who was to do it by when?  Or was the Cairo meeting just a
>> getting-to-know-you kind of meeting, with no follow-up actions to be
>> I ask these because I was not at the conclusion of the Cairo
>> Africa-constituency meeting, and because I still haven't heard anything
>> about us getting together in Mexico City.
>> Thanks in advance for your replies, and best wishes for a safe and
>> trip to all of you heading to Mexico City!
>> Sincerely,
>> Katim
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